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The start of the plastic-free (or at least less) journey

 As a scuba diver and freediver, I’ve seen firsthand the problem that is water pollution, especially plastic pollution. So, about two years ago I decided to reduce my plastic use as much as possible. I am in no way perfect, but once you start being conscious of how much plastic we consume, especially single-use plastic, it really is mind-boggling.

Since then I’ve tried to educate myself on better alternatives, and switch to more environmentally conscious products. I was extremely overwhelmed with choice as I started, so I decided to focus on one area at a time. I decided to focus on the bathroom, i.e. all products typically used in the bathroom. 

My first switch came easily as an acquaintance of mine was selling bamboo products to raise money for a charity. The first purchase was bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo reusable makeup remover pads. I have zero complaints about my bamboo toothbrush, it does the job, and my dentist didn’t see a difference in my dental hygiene, so win-win. I’ve had my bamboo reusable makeup remover pads for almost two years, and obviously, wash them regularly, and I think they are great. Both products were extremely easy to switch over, were not very expensive, and I do not miss my plastic toothbrush or disposable cotton pads whatsoever. 

Unfortunately, I’ve since learned that bamboo is actually not as eco-friendly as originally thought. Bamboo grows quickly, requires little maintenance to farm, doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides, and requires very little water to grow. But unfortunately, the manufacturing process does include the use of harmful chemicals, and because most of the bamboo is grown in Asia, you also need to factor in the pollution that is created during transport. Of course, when you are comparing plastic and bamboo, your bamboo toothbrush is definitively more sustainable than your plastic one.

Since then, I’ve discovered a Canadian brand called Grin toothbrush that has aluminum handles that are guaranteed for life. The plastic heads use 85% less plastic than regular toothbrushes and are 100% recycled, just return to the company with the envelope supplied in your order. This is in no way sponsored, I found this product all by myself, and paid for it with my own hard-earned coin.
You can find them here: 

So for those of you just starting out, I think it’s always best to start with something ‘easy’ like I did.

Please comment below on your favorite ecological personal care routine product!

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